From: Scott F. Hall <>
Date: Thu Apr 6 12:14:25 2000

I'm new to this discussion group. Is it okay to discuss old machines up
for sale? Please forgive me this once if it's NOT appropriate to talk
about stuff for sale. I'm not a spammer trying to make money.

I do have a truckload of early 1990s Sun gear for s/he who wants it (a
470 server and about 20 sparc1/IPC/IPX stations and a lot of extra stuff
thrown in--monitors, printers, etc.). This is gear the college I work
at wants to get rid of and it should, of course, go to a loving home not
a dumpster! If you're anywhere near western NY state, you could pick it
up with a big truck. The college wants money for it, of course, but not
much. Write me at if this interests you.

Scott Hall
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