VAX stuff available

From: Lawrence LeMay <>
Date: Thu Apr 6 16:34:48 2000

I just recieved this message from a co-worker of the professor who is
giving me some pdp8/pdp11 stuff. If there is some small VAX stuff
that you're looking for, let me know and i'l see if he has it and
if i can get it. otherwise, if you want something big you come get
it yourself, the stuff is in minneapolis.

by small stuff, i mean like a few memory or expansion interface boards,

John Broadhurst mentioned you were interested in some of his old PDP-11
equipment from the Tandem Lab. Thought I'd check, while I'm cleaning
up, if you have any interest in VAX equipment:-) John is still the
major repository, but I have a box of VMS docs I am getting ready to
pitch out. Some dates back to VMS v4, and there is also some media
("Desktop VMS", Online docs, etc) on CD. We also have some hardware we
are (ahem) unlikely to need again: VAXstation 2000s, some newer
VAXstations (3100-era), a historic RRD-40 CD drive, etc.

-Lawrence LeMay
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