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> > > MS DOS:
> > > They bought a clone of CP/M
> > >
> > I used CP/M every day for about six years. When I saw my first MS-DOS, I
> > noted that the console command for a file list was 'DIR' and 'TYPE' and
> > that's where the similarity ended. The file system architecture and

... much snippage...

To see this easily you must look at CPM1.4 and MS(PC)dos 1.0-1.1. V2.0
of PCdos was a virgin rewrite. Why? cause 1.0 said down deep "Copyright
Digital Research Corp", a remnant of the mechanical translation and later
conversion to FAT filesystem.

If you've worked with CP/M-80 and CP/M-86 you also notice that the -86
version was somewhat different from CP/M-80. That trend would continue.
I have CCPM-386 kit that is still DRI and it's nothing like CPM-86 too.

The utilities didn't have to be the same and it's the heritage of the core
OS that was being discussed.

FYI: copy has a syntax similar to the RT11 DCL COPY, RT11 also has
commandline PIP with the CPM format dest=source. Guess who had COPY
first? NOT MS. There was also utility (ca1980 when I found it) for
CPM-80 called COPY that used the latter format FYI.

The only innovation was marketing to the mass public.

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