From: Doug Salot <>
Date: Fri Apr 7 16:16:20 2000

On Thu, 6 Apr 2000, Marvin wrote:

> Oh oh, I can see the discussion that Doug and I had a year or so ago
> starting up again :). For the new people and those with faulty memory, I
> posted a number of ebay auctions that I thought the group might be
> interested in and we ended up with a fairly friendly flame war for a while.
> That was the reason Doug started the ccauction listserver. Is it still
> going? I haven't posted or gotten any email from it in quite a while.

Heh, I just re-subscribed to this list earlier this week, and I'm glad to
see it's the same old mix of eBay discussions and Microsoft bashing :-)

Sorry, the ccauction list is dead. I moved to a new server and
forgot to move over the couple of mailing lists I had on the old server
before the disk died it's last death.

Besides, the flame war and ccauction list wasn't about offering stuff for
sale on this list (which is a perfectly good thing IMO).

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