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From: John Wilson <wilson_at_dbit.dbit.com>
Date: Fri Apr 7 17:30:22 2000

On Fri, Apr 07, 2000 at 03:13:47PM -0400, Sean 'Captain Napalm' Conner wrote:
> Apple was working on a version of BASIC for the Macintosh that would
> resemble VB today in the late 80s/early 90s. Microsoft got wind of it and
> threatened to cut their license to Microsoft BASIC for the APPLE II (still
> amoney maker at the time) if Apple actually released the product. Apple
> towed the line and what do you know---Microsoft produces this very
> innovative product called Visual Basic shortly thereafter, but for Windows.
> To my knowledge, the Apple ``Visual Basic'' never saw the light of day.

I heard the same story when I did an internship at Apple in summer '89.
The way I heard it, the Mac BASIC actually got as far as field test before
Billy strong-armed Apple into suppressing it and leaving the BASIC market
to M$.

John Wilson
D Bit
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