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Date: Fri Apr 7 17:37:14 2000

>SCP and Micros~1 had had prior dealings, including sharing computer faire
>booths, etc. In the course of those encounters, Patterson had seen the
>F.A.T. structure used in the stand-alone BASIC that Micros~1 peddled to

Fat was used in the Z80 basics from MS. Systems of not that had it were
NCR, NEC and a few others of the z80/cpm world.

Side tidbit...

8086/88 part was available around 1978 (late) and systems using it were
around in
1979. S100 and other systems were starting to build on it by late 1979 and
DRI was
late with CPM86. Hence the 8085/8088 boards for S100 and the other machine
rainbow that had z80/8088. There was at least on OS that ran on 8086/8
before DOS
and that was a IRMX and I think ISIS-II as well.

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