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From: Gary Hildebrand <ghldbrd_at_ccp.com>
Date: Sat Apr 8 12:43:36 2000

Hello Paul

On 07-Apr-00, you wrote:

> Apparently, "Sean 'Captain Napalm' Conner" saw fit to utter some of
the following:
> <snippage>
>>>> c
> Also, according to one of the original Amiga coders, when
> Micros~1 (I love that!) was writing Virus95, they tried to buy the
> neat little Workbench feature that lets you control the mouse
> pointer with the cursor keys in an emergency, but since C='s stuff
> was all tied up in bankruptcy court in the Bahamas, they couldn't
> touch it. As much as my Micros~1 mouse locks up on my
> machine at work (running a Micros~1 OS, no less), I could sure
> use that feature......along with the neat little pointer editor that
> allowed me to draw my own mouse pointer instead of having to
> accept the little arrow....
> Paul Braun
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I'm glad to see someone likes some of the features of AmigaOS that I have
grown to love over the years. My mouse has a crochety switch on it right now
and the left amiga and alt keys do come in very handy in that respect.

One of the glaring things to compare is Microsoluff's infinite variations on
DOS and Windoze (aka kluge of the month club). CP/M I seem to remember only
got to 2.2. MS-DOS got to 6.22, and gosh knows how many kluges there will
be of Windoze. The Amiga is now at version 3.5 and version 3.1 can be run
on the origianl A1000 if one adds a socket and Kickstart ROM. Can't say
that for Windoze 2000 and the original XT and AT.

The Amiga was no world beater as far as machine quality; in many ways it was
just enough different from the mainstream to be a pain. The o/s is what
makes it stand out from the pack, and that began back in 1985.

My 43 cents worth . . . .

Gary Hildebrand
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