no chars on uVAX console

From: Sipke de Wal <>
Date: Sat Apr 8 10:06:14 2000

Digging up some literature on the web about the uVAX II console cable
I've ran into some conflicting info:

Story I
| The MicroVAXII serial console port is:
| 9 pin D with pinout
| 1 - grnd
| 2,3 - snd, rcv (crossed to terminal for partial null modem)
| 8 to 9 - shorted together
| (I think, I don't have a manual handy. If I'm wrong would someone please
| correct me.)

Story II
|The pinout is a bit strange:
|DE-9 (DEC) DB-25 (PC)
|1 1
|2 3
|3 2
|4 5
|5 6
|6 20
|7 7
|8 -\
|9 -/ (short 8 & 9) together

I have made the latter cable but adapted it to a 9 pin PC-serial
connector and I am pretty certain it is wired ok.

Running Telemate as a terminal program i cannot set Hardware
flowcontrol on cause it tells me that CTS=off (baud = 4800)

I get no characters on the terminal when I startup uVAX (BA123).
It sounds like the HD's restore OK and the little display at
the bulkhead says C after first showing a few other characters.

Pressing the restart/run button seems to have some effect because
I can see a few leds on the TQK50 blink for an instance (The box
is open but the cabinet-open switch is taped into the on position)

What's is wrong ?
Does anyone have a clue
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