Heathkit/Zenith H-110 (Z-100)

From: KB9VU_at_aol.com <(KB9VU_at_aol.com)>
Date: Sat Apr 8 13:12:58 2000

In a message dated 4/8/00 12:48:11 Central Daylight Time, pryor_at_wi.net writes:

> Mike,
> I'll repeat my offer of $100 if you still have this stuff.
> Jim

Jim - also, I travel almost every week so let me know when you plan to pick
up. Make sure you have room for all the books and other junk. The only item
I can't find is the 8" drive. Probably went with the H-89 stuff I sold last

Know anyone that is looking for an H-89? I found another one while I was
cleaning off shelves.

Mike Stover, KB9VU

CCA# 404
Florissant, MO
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