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Please see comments embedded below.


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> >Your defense is unnecessary, since it's only by coincidence that I
> No defense, more a commentary on how much fun language can be.
> >This particular expression is use so much without a thought as to its
> actual
> >meaning. I'm not entirely certain how the term slough became associated
> >with an indeterminate but large number, but that seems to be what is
> >I guess it started with someone referring to ducks or frogs or
> There is that. My experience is the term "slew rate" commonly associated
> with op-amps.
Yes, but that's a rate of change with units and everything! In "a whole
slew of ..." it is a qualitative reference to a quantifiable value.
> Now the common use, slew meaning a whole lot of them is more in the
> realm of slang and something I am accustomed to.
Yes, I saw that. It's a tertiary definition in the '71 Webster, but may
have been promoted due to changes in usage in the intervening decades. The
dictionary that was my reference when I learned the language
> So the juxtapostion of delta, large quantiry and also quagmire in that
> statement was subtle good humor. Then again I enjoy Samual Clements
> and his style of writing as well.
> Allison
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