[ClassicCMP] Heath H89 diskette request

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Date: Sun Apr 9 12:44:11 2000

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> > Mike
> Thanks for the tip!
> Hey, I haven't got a chance to go through the stuff yet. Tell me, are these
> H89/90's or Z89/90's?? Isn't the different an 8080cpu vs. Z80?

Just found this note Jay. All H-89's and Z-89's have the Z80 processor
installed. The H-8 computers came with the 8080 installed. The Early H-89's
had an ORG 0 problem with CP/M but none of yours have that problem ... they
have all be modified.

The Z-90 series came with the soft sector card installed from the factory.

All H-89's were sold in kit form. The H-88 is another story. These were
early all in one computers and did have 8080 CPU's in the beginning. Most
H-88 units were upgrades to the H-19 terminals.

How are you coming with your treasure trove of old H/Z stuff? I did find
some more software and a few other spare parts. They are here whenever you

Mike Stover, KB9VU

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