Sun Mouse

From: Chris Kennedy <>
Date: Sun Apr 9 15:24:48 2000 wrote:

> My sun mice only have one led lit per mouse. There should be two lit as
> there is obviously a second led that is not. Any suggestions on repair or
> replacement of the mouse. The box is perfect! --

It's been a while since I used one, but I seem to recall that what you
describe is the case, or more precisely, that the second one *appears*
not to work because it emits in the IR portion of the spectrum.

I'd find a pad and try it out -- but beware that there are two different
styles of pads that were used by Sun. I suspect you want the physically
smaller version with the more closely knit lines, as my increasingly
enfeebled memory says that the larger ones were only used on the Sun 3's.
Chris Kennedy
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