[ClassicCMP] Heath H89 diskette request

From: allisonp <allisonp_at_world.std.com>
Date: Sun Apr 9 14:24:06 2000

>All H-89's were sold in kit form. The H-88 is another story. These were
>early all in one computers and did have 8080 CPU's in the beginning. Most
>H-88 units were upgrades to the H-19 terminals.

Wrong! the H88 was the diskless version of the h89 and was z80. The h8x
were all z80. The basic design was H19 terminal with an additional Z80
based card (with peripherals on ad in cards).

All of the H/Z series are related and part of the changes reflects Heath to
Zenith transistion. The 88/89/90 were the same base machine with different
features namely different memory configs and disk subsystems.

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