[ClassicCMP] Heath H89 diskette request

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Date: Sun Apr 9 17:48:15 2000

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> >All H-89's were sold in kit form. The H-88 is another story. These were
> >early all in one computers and did have 8080 CPU's in the beginning. Most
> >H-88 units were upgrades to the H-19 terminals.
> Wrong! the H88 was the diskless version of the h89 and was z80. The h8x
> were all z80. The basic design was H19 terminal with an additional Z80
> based card (with peripherals on ad in cards).
> All of the H/Z series are related and part of the changes reflects Heath to
> Zenith transistion. The 88/89/90 were the same base machine with different
> features namely different memory configs and disk subsystems.
> Allison

Yep, I misspoke. Thinking H-8 and talking H-88. Thanks for the correction.

Mike Stover, KB9VU
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