HP 9000/800 H20

From: Bill Bradford <mrbill_at_mrbill.net>
Date: Mon Apr 10 05:07:58 2000

I have no idea how old this is (so I dont know about the 10-year
rule), so if I'm mistaken, someone slap me.

Anyway, I picked this up tonight.. Anyone with any clue about HP
equipment know how much this is worth? Its big and hefty, currently
has HP-UX 11.0 loaded (altho I have full media and licenses for 10.20,
10.10, and 10.0). Its just TOO BIG to use as a home machine or server,
and I'm looking to either sell it, or swap it straight-out for a decently
configured 9000/712 or 9000/715-series desktop box. If anybody's
interested at all, let me know.



HP 9000/800 Model H20
Serial # 3537A86223
Product # A2366A
Internal SCSI Devices:
        serial # 3352E95739
        serial # 5075A81767
        serial # 5075A04158
Slot contents (in the back):
1: "8 CHAN SYNC MUX" (I dont have the cable or the "expander box" that goes
   with this)
7/8: 28696-60001 HP-PB 16 Bit Differential SCSI
The system also has 2 64mb memory cards and 4 32mb memory cards installed,
for a grand total of 256mb RAM. It currently has HP-UX B.11.00 installed,
and has full licenses (on paper even) and CD-ROM media for HP-UX 10.0, 10.10,
and 10.20.

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