SUN 3/50

From: Aaron Christopher Finney <>
Date: Mon Apr 10 09:42:37 2000

Basically, it's a 15mhz 68020 with 4megs ram (stock). It's got a mono
frame buffer, scsi, ethernet built in. No power/space for internal storage
devices. I've got one w/12megs ram and it makes a pretty good mono X

I think the last OS supported is SunOS 4.1.

Cheers, Aaron

On Mon, 10 Apr 2000, Nick Oliviero wrote:

> Got one of these as a freebie when I picked up a
> bunch of hardware I won (bought) at a university
> auction.
> Not being familiar with Sun products, can anyone
> tell me which flavor(s) of unix I might be able
> to load. Its currently a diskless pizza box, extra
> large. What kind of performance can I expect from
> this old thing... slow ?.... superslow.. ?
> Any links to related Sun sites ........ etc..
> Thanks Nick
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