SUN 3/50

From: Dave McGuire <>
Date: Mon Apr 10 10:07:02 2000

On April 10, Aaron Christopher Finney wrote:
> Basically, it's a 15mhz 68020 with 4megs ram (stock). It's got a mono
> frame buffer, scsi, ethernet built in. No power/space for internal storage
> devices. I've got one w/12megs ram and it makes a pretty good mono X
> terminal.

  4mb is the max unless you have one of those nifty 3rd party memory
expansion daughterboards. I've got one or two of them somewhere if
anyone is really dying for one.

  They're pretty swappy at 4mb.

> I think the last OS supported is SunOS 4.1.


    -Dave McGuire
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