HP 3000/925LX available in Hillsboro, Oregon

From: Stan Sieler <ss_at_allegro.com>
Date: Mon Apr 10 14:13:03 2000


> I stopped in to the Hillsboro Wacky Willies about an hour ago. They had a

Where's Hillsboro? (city, state?)

> HP 3000/925LX in a rack with I believe a 9-Track tape drive, a pallet of
> terminals with I believe a small rack, and several boxes of MPE manuals.

An HP 3000/925LX is a PA-RISC system (probably 1.0 architecture),
with a clock of about 10 MHz. It's a CIO-based I/O architecture,
so the PuffinGroup Linux port will *not* run on it, nor will MPE/iX 6.5 (the
last release that will run on it is MPE/iX 6.0). It's one of the three or
four slowest PA-RISC systems ever built.


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