MSX (Was: !Re: Nuke Redmond!)

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Mon Apr 10 16:59:50 2000

> Microsoft also was involved in the (in)famous MSX standard and they
> developed MSX-DOS for it.

Hey, drop this right now ... MSX was quite a great thing.
And if I had to select the single best thing MS ever did
to the customer, I'd definitly go for MSX. I think it's
not MS fault that it never realy took of in the US ...
Well, one could blame it on a US specific mood to avoide
standards in favour for short term profit - Hasn't it
been the same lately with GSM ? The whole world but the
US can agree and use one standard ... making even small
and prior unknown companies like Nokia big enough to
conquer the divided US market... In another timeline,
where the PC didn't take over the home computer market,
MSX may have become the single small computer standard,
only to see the US market be invaded by Japaneese Hardware
and Software.

Anyway, MSX was realy one of the better Microsoft products.
I don't tell that it's a 1000% inovation out of nothing -
just the right solution for a common problem.


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