386 upgrade cpus?

From: Mike Ford <mikeford_at_socal.rr.com>
Date: Mon Apr 10 17:55:38 2000

>I never got too excited about the '386 adapters to a '286 system, because
>the 386DX was a mite slower than a '286 running from the same clock. What's
>more, when you used a '386 back then the first thing that the OS did was
>tell it "you're a '286 now" and proceed. The '286 did this a little better.
>By the time there was a '386 that actually outran the '286, ther was a '486
>that could outrun 'em both.

Thats good to know, mostly I think what I would like to find are the 486
upgrades to 386 based machines. Many of my "cute" computers are 386 based,
and the added speed of a 486 might be nice in some situations.
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