HPIB to HPIL adapter

From: Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Mon Apr 10 19:06:59 2000

I'd be interested in knowing what support there is for GPIB on the ISA bus
in a PC. I've got a National Instruments GPIB interface card, yet have
never seen fit to lay out the dough for their GUI-based software. Is there
anything out there other than LabView? I have some equipment that might
like the GPIB, but have not had need to use it since Windows became the
de-facto standard. Labview doesn't have drivers for the 'scope and logic
analyzer that I'd be wanting to use.

Any suggestions, preferably from someone who's actually used the stuff?

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> I have a Hewlett Packard adapter for connecting HPIB to HPIL. It is in
> original box, with AC adapter, manual, and HPIL cord (all that originally
> came with it) I want $15 plus shipping ($3.55 for priority mail in US)
> I also have a Hewlett Packard ISA HPIB card, plus cable. It doesn't look
> like it's been used, but I don't have manual or disks. $10 plus shipping.
> I've also got an IBM GPIB board, but it's under a bunch of other stuff
> somwewhere.
> If I don't get any response soon, I'll start putting the stuff on e-bay.
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