HPIB to HPIL adapter

From: allisonp <allisonp_at_world.std.com>
Date: Mon Apr 10 19:45:08 2000

From: Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com>

>I'd be interested in knowing what support there is for GPIB on the ISA bus
>in a PC. I've got a National Instruments GPIB interface card, yet have
>never seen fit to lay out the dough for their GUI-based software. Is there
>anything out there other than LabView? I have some equipment that might
>like the GPIB, but have not had need to use it since Windows became the
>de-facto standard. Labview doesn't have drivers for the 'scope and logic
>analyzer that I'd be wanting to use.

I must have at least three or four of them in use. We connect them to
Keithley 706A scanners and Keithley 2000DMMs to measure production
units under test. Others are used for lab use and various test setups.

Nothing exciting or gui, just down in the trenches test and data logging.
Text mode output and write logging to floppy. It's not a process that can be
done fast so theres no rush.

We don't however use labview. the usual rig is a dosbox (ISA 286/386/486)
running homegrown QuickBasic4.5 code and the supplied dos/qb45 driver. They
are pretty easy to talk to. I've used the dos drivers under w95 for testing
and it's a workable arrangement. One thing I'm trying under W95 is the
Pascal drivers with Delphi as the GUI, this has potential as the database is
handy for post logging analysis.

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