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> Yeah, although there's a literally a few seconds there where, even
> though you're at the incipient point of spin, you can drag the 150
> out -- a push with full opposite rudder and aileron works, or you can
> just lower the nose and fly out the other side.

That works. And in a stock 150, under our CAA rules, that's all that can
be taught. A spin is now classed as
an aerobatic manoeuvre and must be done only in aerobatic aircraft. Not
really comfortable
with that. My first exposure to a fully developed spin was in a Victa
Airtourer, (looks like an AA5 with 2 seats and a central spade grip
joystick.) and it is somewhat disconcerting the first couple of times
you encounter it. The C150 I learned in had 2 placards about spins.
The factory standard "Intentional spins with wing flaps extended are
prohibited" and another added when the rules changed, "Intentional spins

> I want to say it's 40 degrees vs. 25 degrees max flaps, C150 vs. PA28,
> bud I'd have to check. The Cherokee's flaps aren't a great way
> to get drag, but they do help with lift, which is a good thing given
> the PA28 wants to fall out of the sky and lands fast, as opposed to
> 150 which will drift all the way into the next county and lands almost
> slow as a Cub :-)

Yeah, they do float a bit, ok, a lot..:^)
Never had the pleasure of flying a Cub, somewhat like an Auster I think.
I've watched one of them
take off from a standing start at it's tiedown into a 35kt wind across
the apron, (we gave him a dispensation because he felt it was too risky
to taxi crosswind to the runway.) Looks impressive....:^)
We had a mini airshow here a few weeks back and we had 4 Austers and
several Tiger Moths here,
plus a Stearman, first one I've ever seen. Talk about a step back in
time. The RAAF flew a Pilatus
PC-9 (Basic trainer) up here, single gas turbine, sorta like a 2 seat
Mustang on steroids. Huge contrast.
It has a big brother, the PC-12 that was here same day. Same config, 3
times the size, the RFDS use it,
which surprises me, since they have always used multi engine in recent


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