Dallas module battery replacement...

From: Carlos Murillo <cem14_at_cornell.edu>
Date: Mon Apr 10 21:27:06 2000

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>Technoid_at_cheta.net wrote:
>> Depends on the make how to remake the clock batt. The SG Thompson chip I
>> retrofitted a batt onto had the leads on the right side of the chip and
>> they were easily exposed with a knife.
> I was thinking, one might take it to their local pc board
>assembly house. Most of these places have low power xray
>machines that they use to look at solder joints on
>ball grid parts. A couple of snap shots at a couple
>of angles would show how the battery is placed and
>where the wires are.
> If you had a friend at the airport, that would be another
>option. Many court houses also have xray machines now days
>as well.
> Just a thought

Umh... makes me remember the time that I reverse-engineered
a dongle that was completely coated with epoxy; I took it to
a dentist for an x-ray. The dongle was actually very simple
and it was done in LS. Why? well, this was a _very_
expensive program that the company I worked for had
acquired, and when the dongle died the original vendor
(a french firm) offered no remedy but to buy another
license. This was not stipulated in the contract, and
we felt that we had the right to do it.

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