Sun monitor to Mac cable available?

From: Paul Braun <>
Date: Tue Apr 11 00:04:56 2000

I think this might be skirting the 10 year rule, but if anyone would
know or know where to look, it'd be youse guys.

I was just given a 3/80, an IPC, and a 20" Sun GDM (which I
assume to mean Trinitron) monitor. Is there an adapter cable that
will allow me to use the monitor on one of my Macs?

The IPC has a pair of NIC's in it, so I'd like to set it up as an IP
router/firewall later this year when I get DSL. Always wanted a
piece of Sun equipment in my network..... :o)

Any help and/or pointers would be appreciated.


Paul Braun
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