Apple Mac

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Tue Apr 11 00:53:56 2000

My two cents on Apple Mac clones. When Apple dropped support for the clones
I dropped support for Apple. I still like macs, own a Motorola Starmax, but
I have no plans to ever buy another Apple product. My crystal ball isn't
clear enough to say how good of an idea dropping the clones was for Apple,
but I can't miss the fact that it screwed me as a consumer, and sent a big
batch of Apples best third party companies down the toilet and/or away from
the mac.

10 years ago I was a STRONG Apple supporter, pushing Apple products to
clients, and talking up people I met etc. Bit by bit Apple has done things
to push me away, and now I'm gone. Platform advocacy is a dumb idea IMNSHO,
and it isn't much fun anymore either.
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