Varian Data Machines

From: Ken Marshall <>
Date: Tue Apr 11 08:56:28 2000


I have a Varian 620 -100 series computer handbook which covers the
620/f-100 and 620 /L-100 machines. The computer was part of an FT-NMR
spectrometer system. I still have the spectrometer, but the computer part
is long gone. The manual is a small paperback, but it is packed with lots
of technical information and specifications- just as the old manuals used
to be. There is also a large box of binders that contain schematics for the
spectrometer, and there may be some schematics for the computer mixed in
with these. I know there are schematics for the computer/spectrometer
control interface, because I had a student design a PC-based controller for
this system a while ago and we needed this information to do it.


At 04:13 PM 04/10/2000 -0600, you wrote:
>Does anyone have any docs and/or software for Varian machines,
>particularly the 620/L-100 since I just got one, but any Varian stuff
>would be cool.
>Will J
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