Early Mac Startup Disks

From: George Currie <g_at_kurico.com>
Date: Tue Apr 11 11:41:43 2000

www.mac512.com has an excellent archive of older Mac system
and other software. Click on "System Showcase" to get to the old
system files. They have directions on how to create actual boot
disks from the images.


> I have a number of early Macs (128K and 512K) here that I need startup
> disks for. Does anyone know where I can get a copy on the Internet? If
> that can be done, how do I convert it from my PC that is connected to
> the web to Apple format? If it helps in the conversion, I also have
> the LC, VX, and SE/30 among other "later" models. Ideally, I would
> like to get the original disks for the collection, but my main concern
> right now are working copies. Thanks.
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