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Date: Tue Apr 11 11:54:39 2000

> When I was a primary student it was standard practice to do stall training
> in PA28s at 3000 feet AGL. Then came the Tomahawk, with it's Really Nifty
> Wing (literally - it was a technical work of art) That Wasn't Built The
> Way The Engineers Designed Nor Like It Was On The Certification Articles
> Given To The FAA. Without getting mind-numbingly technical the airfoil

Traumahack it was called locally, or just the hatchet. Not loved at all.
The self shortening pushrods for the valves was another feature.

The Skipper (beechcraft) was however liked but slow.

> Which version of the 28R? The only version that I found to be a
> ground-loving pig was the Arrow IV with that god-awful T-tail that

I have time in a T-tail lance... Can you say critical engine, Vmc, all in
a single. One of the few that had all the worst features of the hatchet
and the arrowIV. Rudder was useless below 60kts, T-tail useless below
65kts and tourque that liked to pull the nose around, loads of fun on a
short field. Flew it once and refused rides in it after that.

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