Apple Mac (was: !Re: Nuke Redmond!)

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Tue Apr 11 15:55:22 2000

> > For comparison, how much did a DEC Orange Wall (TM) of VMS documentation
> > cost in 1984? I seriously doubt that DEC gave it away, and suspect that
> > the complete set was *much* more than $150, but I don't recall hearing
> > the same degree of grumbling about it.

> Hans wrote:
> > VMS wasn't exactly a personal system - also, it was no limitation
> > by DEC about buying additional copies etc.pp.

> My point was that the preliminary developer release of Inside Macintosh,
> at $150 for several *thousand* pages, was cheaper per page than technical
> docs from just about anyone else.

> If you don't like my VMS example, count up how many pages there were in
> the IBM PC Technical Reference, and divide by the cost of that. I don't
> remember IBM giving those away for free either. People that think
> technical documentation was free back in 1984 are deluding themselves.

> Apple may have done their share of stupid things over the years, and I'm
> no longer a fan, but I'm fed up with people bitching about the things that
> they actually did *right*.

May I ask you to read my postings again ?
Over here it was more like 1000 USD read: ONE THOUSAND
to get the mentioned stuff! IBM Manuals where a bargain
compared to Apple MAc documentation. Which was, by the
way, only available in English, while IBM even offered
German Manuals at the same price. It may have been an
acceptable situation over in California, but for shure
not in other places of this world.


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