Dallas module battery replacement...

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> Hi

> with care. Cutting open a lithium battery that may still
> have some un-reacted lithium can be a finger burning
> experience. Have a glass of vegetable oil handy. If
> you do cut into it and it lights off, dropping it into
> the oil would be better than the couch. Don't drop
> it in water, this can be explosive.

Lithium is unstable and reacts violently grabbing all the oxygen via
electron sharings turning into stable lithium oxide. In air, slow
reaction, water or oxygen gas, BANG!

Grabbing the electrons that oxygen posseses breaks the H2O apart and
liberated H + any loose O2 = fire, combining Li and several O gives
off heat. That is just basics.

Learned that from my high school chemistry. Loved it that fact one
can take two or more basic elements and "build" a formula that
describes the reaction and the end results. What helps this
learning that chemisty stuff because teacher was good one.

> Dwight

Ethan will confirm because I supplied him different dallas ICs even
they're double data space of what old one it replaced didn't work.
But clones boards don't care what kind of 3 types:
12887A, 12887B and 12B887's. Most didn't work in his Dec stuff, they
must be 1287A's I think.

Diffculties to get exact replacements and cost is what drives this
cutting open to get at battery. Same here.

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