DEC blanket permission was: Re: Scanning out-of-print books and documentation

From: Roger Ivie <>
Date: Wed Apr 12 11:19:34 2000

>One exception seems to be DEC/Compaq, as they apparently gave blanket
>permission to reproduce documentation for out-of-production hardware.
>Don't know what Compaq's current stand on this is, though ...

I'm curious about the extent of this blanket permission. I have a number of
very interesting DEC documents for out-of-production hardware. For example,
I see continuous discussion of initializing the CPU of the VAXstation 4000/VLC
over on the NetBSD port-vax mailing list. I happen to have a copy of the
technical manual for the SOC CPU, the processor used in the 4000/VLC.
Somehow, I doubt this manual is covered by the DEC blanket permission.

One document that I'm fairly certain is not covered by the blanket permission
is a copy of the MSCP specification (!) that I have tucked away in a drawer
somewhere. Is DEC still making MSCP hardware? Everything I've used
recently has been SCSI.

Roger Ivie
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