Home network routing setup

From: Chuck McManis <cmcmanis_at_mcmanis.com>
Date: Wed Apr 12 23:20:38 2000

Well you have to tell the other systems how to route somehow. For addresses
that don't go the local subnet they need a routing entry. The simplest one
is a "default" route that points to your internet gateway, the next
simplest is to run routed on the gateway and it will broadcast a route to
the internet every 30 seconds or so.


At 10:38 PM 4/12/00 -0500, you wrote:
>Sorry for the partially off-topic question, but I'm stumped.
>I'd like to set up more of my systems in a home network environment, but I
>don't really properly understand routing and am looking for some help.
>My internet access is through a cable modem that acts as a DHCP server,
>allocating up to three IP addresses to specifically-named systems. For
>instance systems "foo1", "foo2" and "foo3" will get IP addresses from the
>modem, while "foo4", "foo5" and "foo6" will not.
>I thought about snagging a small PC with a couple of NICs and running
>ShareTheNet or WinGate, but I recently picked up a used Alpha running NT
>with a pair of NICs that I'd like to try out as a router. Right now, the
>Alpha has one of the magic system names (foo1), so one of the network
>adapters gets a DHCP-served IP address. I have the other adapter's IP
>address defined as, with the mask as and no
>gateway defined.
>I want to set the following systems up with static IP addresses:
> SGI Indy
> Symbolics Lisp Machine
> NeXT Cube
> Pentium II Laptop
> Pentium Desktop
> DEC Shark
> iOpener
>I'd like to set up these machines to use as their gateway.
>Seems to me that if I have the Alpha set up properly, I shouldn't need to do
>any special route definitions on the other systems, right?
>So, any suggestions on how I should set up the two NICs on the Alpha under
>NT 4.0?
>-- Tony
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