A New Find

From: Doug Salot <doug_at_blinkenlights.com>
Date: Thu Apr 13 03:09:35 2000

On Wed, 12 Apr 2000, John R. Keys Jr. wrote:

> The other day I was given a Sym model 1 in a custom case of black
> metal with wooden sides and a built in keyboard sold by Synertek.

Cool! OK, my turn to brag. I haven't been very actively collecting stuff
for the last year or so, but there were a few moments of weakness when I
couldn't help myself.

A coupla weeks ago, I picked up a big load from an ex-Rockwell engineer.
I haven't gone through all of the goodies yet, but here's a glimpse. An
AIM65 in the coolest case I've ever seen (similar, but perhaps not as nice
as your SYM case):

A Rockwell Design Center (yeah, pretend you've heard of this one):

But wait, there's more! I don't have pics yet, but for your salivating
pleasure.... a 1966 DEC logic trainer, a 1955 GENIAC (my second -- I
needed one to play with and one to preserve), and (drumroll) a 1975 Sphere

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