Tektronix 4107

From: John Wilson <wilson_at_dbit.dbit.com>
Date: Thu Apr 13 10:04:37 2000

On Thu, Apr 13, 2000 at 12:56:58AM -0500, Charles P. Hobbs (SoCalTip) wrote:
> This was a rather neat little graphics terminal (CRT). You could draw all
> sorts of shapes on the screen by issuing commands such as "Square
> 0,0,10,10" or "Line 4,4,20,20", etc.

IIRC the 4105 used the Hitachi HD63484 graphics processor, maybe the 4107
used the same thing? If so it was a pretty cool chip, if a bit slow, with
all kinds of fancy commands for lines and circles and rectangles and region
fill etc. It was used on some of the early Number 9 boards too.

John Wilson
D Bit
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