Shugart 800-2

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Thu Apr 13 10:30:18 2000

As others have already said, it's SSDD. The -2 designation refers to the
jumpering, which, in this case, is set up for use in an intelligent
controller setting (normally with a dedicated microcontroller) that has the
ability to exploit the various radial access options provided on the drives'
logic boards. These enable such things as radial step, radial select,
radial ready, (enabling more than one drive to accept/execute commands at a

These can speed up disk drive operation by quite a little, but at the cost
of a dedicated intelligence or, perhaps, LOTS of code to optimize the
process as it would be in a dedicated controller. When it comes down to
transfer of data, only one drive can be "awake" at a time.


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> Does anyone know if a Shugart 800-2 8" floppy drive is DSDD or not? I have
> been getting different hints on various web pages.
> Also, does anyone recall the URL to the web site with the Terak and
> manuals that have been scanned in?
> -Lawrence LeMay
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