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From: Doug Salot <doug_at_blinkenlights.com>
Date: Thu Apr 13 11:30:44 2000

On Thu, 13 Apr 2000, John Honniball wrote:

> Oohh, didn't know there were two different types of DEC
> logic trainer. In fact, my manual is just like the 1969
> "computer_lab" URL above. Sorry for the confusion!
> Do you have a manual for your 1966 version? How different
> is it from the 1969 one?

I don't have the manual, but I do have a 66/67 digital logic handbook, and
the trainer I have appears on the cover of that handbook (as well as
inside, of couse).

It's external appearance is considerably different that the 69 version,
but I think the basic technology -- flip chips -- is the same. I'm pretty
sure there is a version even earlier than mine that used the original (c
1961) dec logic modules.

-- Doug
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