HP-71B IDS (was Re: The best docs I've ever seen)

From: Eric Smith <eric_at_brouhaha.com>
Date: Thu Apr 13 14:28:07 2000

Tony wrote:
> Best docs for a handheld machines : HP71B Internal Design Specifications.
> Volume 3 of that set contains the full commented source code to the ROMs
> (BASIC and filesystem)

I scanned all three volumes of the HP-71B Software IDS, as well as the
two-volume HP-71B HP-IL IDS, the HP-IL Interface Specification,
and the HP-IL Integrated Circuit User's Manual. Thousands of pages,
several hundred megabytes even with Group 4 compression. (I'll try to
avoid starting another rant about the inappropriateness of JPEG compression
for text and line art.)

I also scanned the HP-41C VASM source listings, originally distributed
through PPC. These aren't as well-commented, since they weren't intended
for customer release, but they're still useful if you're interested in
41 internals.

These are now all available (along with a heck of a lot of other good
material) on the CD set offered by the Museum of HP Calculators:


Unfortunately I no longer have my copy of the HP-71B Hardware Internal
Design Specifications, so I haven't yet been able to scan that. If anyone
has that and will lend it to me, I'll scan it for the next update.
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