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I visited their web site and was, if I may say, resoundingly underimpressed.
The selection was modest, the prices bordering on outrageous, and the site
itself badly in need of work, though that's mostly to make all the items in
a given context relevant to that page.

Had he had sufficient "interesting" hardware, I'd have bookmarked him.
However . . .

Like the dog in the barnyard ." . . sometimes ye gits chicken . . .
sometimes ye gts feathuhs . . . "


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Hi Charles,

>....I got into the computer hobby/business when 5 1/4" disk drives
>were more commonly used than 8". I remember a box of 10 disks
>costing about $50....

Quite, I remember the first box of 10 Nashua 5.25" floppies which I bought
in 1983 set me back ?30 (about $45?).

>....There was one computer store in town that would sell you a
>single disk for $5

Yes, the same "shop" I bought the box of 10 from was charging ?5 each for
them....it was a student supply shop at the Polytechnic I was at though....

Things were no better when 3.5" discs came along here though. Again, I
recall paying around ?30 for a box of 10 discs when I bought my first Atari
ST in summer '86.

At the time the local Sony shop were charging a whopping ?8 (yes EIGHT!)
each for them, dropping to ?5 each if you bought 10 in one go (for some
reason they wouldn't actually sell you a box of 10!?). Needless to say they
dropped their prices quite quickly.

  TTFN - Pete.

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