CPU upgrades, pt. II

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> Hi,
> > I'm going to guess that it probably doesn't want just simple
> >72-pin SIMMs. I believe you need True Parity 72-pin SIMMs for
> >this beasty.
> Actually, I forgot about the SIMMs in my PS/2 9595....I wonder if those
> would work (I've not had much success trying them in non-PS/2 machines)?
> BTW I wasn't aware that there were 72-pin SIMMs that didn't provide true
> parity. I'd always assumed this was a cost cutting phenomenon limited to
> 30-pin SIMMs? :-(

9595 uses either parity or ECC simms. ps2 memory has presence detect features
as well so the PS2 can query the type of memory installed.

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