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Date: Sat Apr 15 14:57:03 2000

The following are available for shipping cost from Bethesda MD 20817:

1. "New Word" paperback, describing the CP/M screen-oriented editor.

2. "Spellguard" CP/M Spellchecker docs in original ISA 3-Ring binder.

3. VT55 Users' Manual (xerox copy)

4. IDS 440 Paper Tiger Owners' Manual (xerox copy)

5. Teletype 40 Owner's Manual (original booklet)

6. Tandon TM252 (10-Meg MFM hard drive) OEM operating and service
    manual, original in Tandon binder.

7. Tandon TM501, TM502, TM503 (5.25" FH MFM hard drives) OEM
    operating and service manual, original in Tandon binder.

8. PRIAM OEM Service manuals: 3450, 7050 8" Winchester Disk drives

9. PRIAM OEM Servie manuals: 14" Winchester Drives

10. PRIAM SMART and SMART-E interface product specification.

11. Seagate ST506 MicroWinchester OEM Manual, Preliminary, 1-Apr-1981.

First come, first served. Be sure to supply your mailing address
and which items you want, and I'll let you know the shipping costs.
Generally any two or three items above can be sent to the lower 48
via USPS priority mail for $3.20.

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