New Toy, Yikes it wants batteries

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Sat Apr 15 18:16:47 2000

Today was a good day at the hamfest in Pomona, Cal. Unfortunately I should
have written my name on my butt, cause that was the only part of me
sticking up for the first hour or so. 6 boxes full of cards later I had
five totally lame cards in my hand, and ended up putting all but one back.
Just for yucks I started poking in some boxes of cables and found just what
I needed. I bought 124 mac video cables, split between three rare types
Radius Pivot, DB15 to 13W3, and 13W3 to 13W3.

New Toy
I found a TRS 80 pocket computer in the original box with software manual
and cassette interface. Cute little monster, but it wants to eat Type 675
batteries at a rate of 4/300 hours. It warns against using a type 675E, but
Radio Shack carried neither a plain 675 or a 675E, just a "replacement" for
a whole slew (hee hee) of 675 this or thats called a RS675. Any ideas on a
common modern equivalent battery? I bought one feeding of 4, and the thing
comes right up, but regular feeding needs to be on a bargain brand of
battery chow.
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