CPU upgrades, pt. II

From: allisonp <allisonp_at_world.std.com>
Date: Sat Apr 15 20:23:00 2000

Nope, SCSI to the rescue. I use MCS 700 future domain in my 70
bought used from C.R. when I was in US visiting my friend.

Actually a cheaper way... Parallel port adaptor. It's how I run Win3.1 on
one without loading the disk that on it (currently only dos on it).

Should work in your 50z but needs 386 level to work according
to DB Young and shove in more ram while you are at it.

True. The problem with that machine is common to most 286s, there's
enough perfomance to make use of it but, not enough ram, disk and it's
not 386.

So in the end I can easily run dos/lanman/IP with windows 3.1 but, only
dos apps will fit in the available ram.

I have an INboard386 PC in a leading edge. Same problem more or
less. I do have a 386/16 with that and 1meg of ram but 4-5mb is needed
to run windows apps of any value. I plan to try minix in that beast as it
would leave enough uesful ram for a IP stack.

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