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From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sat Apr 15 22:39:51 2000

Um, isn't the Superdrive the 3.5" HD floppy that was available for the GS?


>You have a SCSI superdrive. I know there are IDE cards for the GS, but I
>know NOTHING about them. I'd expect them to perform the same tho.
>I'm not sure how you're going to write to the superdisk in a fashion that the
>GS can read. You *might* be able to format the superdisk on your PC
>as an ISO9660 or a MAC CD, and then put the disk in the superdrive on the
>GS before you power it up, so it thinks it has a CDROM mounted. Might.
>CDROM support is a little dicy on GSOS, and whether the file system driver
>will deal with a non-standard disk size I have no idea. That's what I'd
>try first though.
>If you have a CDROM burner, I'd be far more inclined to try burning a CD
>and reading THAT on the GS, but I never tried that either.
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