I'm a proud daddy

From: Sue & Francois <fauradon_at_mn.mediaone.net>
Date: Sat Apr 15 23:47:56 2000

Yep been there I found a bunch of sites but they do not offer any more than
the basic item description.
I guess I need all kind of information; it says "no user serviceable parts
inside" on the skin so I guess a hardware or service manual may be too much
to ask but I would like to find some info as to what it was capable of as
new in term of cpu power, interfacing capabilities etc...
The unit I got has apparently been stripped from it's guts (or most of them)
it still has the speech synthesis module since I heard it on friday eve. But
I didn't get the bateries so I can't try it out. (my 3 year old son is
asking :"when can we plug it in?":( )
The unit also has a (secial?) plate in "ooks like gold to me"(TM) on the
front with Nolan Bushnell's signature engraved and the Androbot logo/name
and what looks a like a series number (18)
Big picture at:
ftp://fauradon:hsd123_at_people.mn.mediaone.net/Pictures/topobust1.jpg (158K)
and at:
ftp://fauradon:hsd123_at_people.mn.mediaone.net/Pictures/topofull1.jpg (96K)

Any ways I was hoppping for some technical insight. what kind of controller
are used for it, any cool application, any personal experience.
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> There are several site for the Topo including a Homepage at
> www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Heights/8970. I did a search on yahoo and
> came up with 13 sites. Try your search again or I could e-mail you the
> I got from mine. John
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> From: Sue & Francois <fauradon_at_mn.mediaone.net>
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> Subject: I'm a proud daddy
> > Today I found an Androbot Topo and he's standing right here next to me.
> > Now what?
> > I am now accepting any pointers, tidbits, or otherwise worthy
> > about this cute little addition to our family.
> > I already searched the usual channels.
> > Thanks to all
> > Francois
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