IBM System/23

From: James Willing <>
Date: Sun Apr 16 10:49:36 2000

An IBM System/23 in the Southern Illinois area in need of a home before it
ends up heading for the landfill... Replies to the original sender please.



>Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 08:44:51 -0500
>From: Taylor <>
>Subject: IBM System/23
>Have a friend who just acquired an IBM system/23. He thought it might
>be something on which he could set up some of today's educational
>software etc., for his kids (he's not computer literate yet) Anyway to
>make a long story short, this stuff is sitting in the back of his truck
>awaiting a trip to the local junkyard and I just found your museum
>yesterday while I was searching for info on this old system. All
>hardware appears to be present, though not put together as your picture
>shows. There are two boxes of about 1982 vintage manuals (some still in
>shrink wrap) It appears there is an old version of basic available.
>There are at least 2 eight? inch floppy disks with it. Don't know if
>this thing was ever set up and used or not. It's a bit grimy from
>sitting in a garage somewhere and the manuals smell musty, so the
>"storage" conditions weren't the best.
>If you think there are any possibilties for this thing, please let me
>know. Located in southern Illinois in Carbondale (where the
>University is) about 90 miles SE of St Louis MO. and 75 mile NW of
>Paducah KY. if that helps
>email is Thanks for your time... Linda Taylor.


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