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From: Sue & Francois <fauradon_at_mn.mediaone.net>
Date: Sun Apr 16 15:34:45 2000

I figured that since the robot was to be an appliance type, the service and
technical information must have been a very closed affair. That and the fact
that it was not very popular (couple thousands made ?) would render the inof
even harder to find.
I will be opening it as soon as I free up enough space to work on it
One of the first things I would like to do with it, is to restore it to it's
original condition.
 Then I would like to perform some non-destructive upgrades on it. Open to
suggestions for now.
At this point, in order to restore it, I need to find out what was inside to
start with.


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> > I guess I need all kind of information; it says "no user serviceable
> > inside" on the skin so I guess a hardware or service manual may be too
> > to ask but I would like to find some info as to what it was capable of
> You're probably right about the chances of finding a service manual, but
> the 'no user serviceable parts inside' doesn't always imply that the
> manual won't be available. I suspect that wording is a legal requirement
> for equipment sold in some countries (no matter what it actually is, or
> whether the user could reasonably be expected to fix it) and that it
> doesn't actually mean anything.
> Related to this, I have a Sony (I think) service manual for some kind of
> home video effects generator/mixer/thingy. The first part of the manual
> is a reprint of the user manaul and ends with 'Do not remove screws. No
> user serviceable parts inside. Refer servicing to qualified personnel'.
> You guessed it, the next section of the manual tells you how to take it
> to bits...
> -tony
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