Marquette "MUSE"--DEC mini/file server circa 1986-88

From: John Lawson <>
Date: Mon Apr 17 13:12:17 2000

On Mon, 17 Apr 2000, John Allain wrote:

> A friend of mine told me a while back that he had seen
> a thing called a 'Micro (or mini) Muse' a few years ago
> at a trade show. He said it was doing music synthesis
> and that it attracted quite a crowd.

  The 'Muse' that you describe was basically a free-running
sequencer driving a very basic set of analog ADSR-type synth
circuits. It had a good amount of variable feedback paths to it's
counters, all adjustable via front panel matrix switches and a few
controls... it would then sit there and produce harmonically
constrained tone patterns and chords according to the setting
chosen. It made some really pretty sequences from time to time, but
on the whole it got a bit boring. Kewl little toy though; I wish
I'd had the foresight to buy one for my Vintage Electronic Musical
Instrument Managerie.


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