CPU upgrades, pt. II

From: Peter Pachla <peter.pachla_at_wintermute.org.uk>
Date: Mon Apr 17 17:31:17 2000


> Heres a PS2/50z question.
> Mine only has 1meg, looks like 72pin simm but none I have seem
>work. All of them happen to be 8x32 (16chip).

I don't really know too much about PS/2s yet, I'm only just starting to
investigate these machines (I've got 3 - a Model 50, a Model 80 and a Model

> There is only one SIMM socket. What is the limit for ram (max)?
>Where can I get something bigger than 1mb?

Interesting, my Model 50 has a pair of SIMM sockets on the planar. They look
more like 30-pin SIMMs than 72-pin ones, but I haven't taken them out to
check yet. Also, I've never seen SIMMs like these before - the PCB is a
brown/beige colour, and the RAM chips are in small silver "cans" rather than
the usual black epoxy.

Anyway, I suspect you'll find that the limit for RAM (on the
motherboard/planar/whateveryouwanttocallit) will be 2Mb. IBM used to make
these wierd, double sided, 2Mb 72-pin SIMMs specifically for some models in
the PS/2 family.

I remember these SIMMs distinctly since around 10 years ago they used to
sell for practically nothing on FidoNet as they were of no use whatsoever in
anything but a PS/2.

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