XXDP+ LL Formatter on RX50/RX33

From: Pete Turnbull <pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com>
Date: Mon Apr 17 19:56:16 2000

On Apr 17, 18:06, Nick Oliviero wrote:
> Jeffrey l Kaneko wrote:
> > BTW-- Are RL02's a maintainance nightmare? Do the advantages
> > of these drives outweigh the problems (not to mention their *size*,
> > or are they simply not worth it?
> I'll second Tony's comments re:maintenance&alignment. We've had two
> RL01's running on a 11/23 since 1980 and one RL02 on a 11/45 since
> 1991 and I can recall just one head crash in all that time. I'm no longer
> on the maintenance side, but I don't believe anyones changed the filters
> in the last 5 years. (I am not recommending this aproach)

Same sort of story with my pair of RL02s; they're not really in continuous
use, though they were for about 4-5 years, haven't had a filter change in
ten years, and they live in the garage. The only real incident was when a
spider decided that nice warm drive was a good place to live, made its home
amongst the heads, and came to a sticky end when the drive was spun up.

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